About Us

Malaya Immigration Consultancy Services (MICS) is genuinely dedicating our services to our clients with accountability and utmost respect with the law. We offer our advice, assistance and representation in Canadian immigration, visa and citizenship

  • To provide immigration assistance to all strata of society is our mission.
  • To represent our clients honestly, confidently, efficiently and lawfully is our duty.
  • To respect each and every culture, beliefs, preferences and principles is our priority.
  • To be knowledgeable and up to date about immigration law and services is our responsibility.

We are located in Victoria City in the province of British Columbia, Canada. And, we cater our services to each individual who is interested to immigrate to Canada; wherever and whoever you are.

The Regulated Immigration Consultant

  • Maggie is a licensed and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She is authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CICC) formwely known as ICCRC to represent and give advice to clients about Canadian immigration. She was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Canada in 2007. She spent most of her career in health and sciences. She took interest with Canadian immigration while working as an assistant to a regulated immigration consultant. She learned the intricate details of immigration and the roles and responsibilities of being an immigration consultant. As an assistant to the immigration consultant, she became exposed to different immigration cases and had actively helped clients fill up forms and prepare their applications. After 2 years of working with an immigration consultant, she decided to take her interest in Canadian immigration to a professional level. She enrolled at Ashton College and received her Diploma in Immigration Consultancy with honors. Following her graduation, she wrote her ICCRC’s Full Skills Exam and passed the exam at first attempt. She believes that life is all about choices. The decision to make your own career path and life is a gift and a blessing. With her knowledge about immigration and her strong desire to help, she believes that she can assist clients to make sound judgement about their immigration choices“As an immigrant, I am very familiar with the challenges of the immigration process. Becoming an immigrant is a difficult but rewarding experience. As a regulated immigration consultant, I believe I can lessen that stress that could accompany those challenges.” 

The Regulatory Body

The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultant (CICC) – formerly known as ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is the national regulatory body that oversees RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) and RISIAs (Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors).

The Act

  • Canada Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Citizenship Act  require individuals who give immigration and citizenship advice with payment must be a member in good standing of CICC, formerly known as ICCRC,  or the Chambre des notaires du Quebec.